Example: Can non-Buddhists benefit from your activities?​

Many of the things the Buddha taught can be of benefit to people of all backgrounds. For example, many people find Buddhist meditation [link to meditation page] helps them to relax and have a more peaceful mind throughout the day. And the basic moral guidelines [link to five precepts] the Buddha gave are shared, for the most part, with other major religions and modern secular values.

The Buddha shared his teachings with everyone who came to him with a sincere interest to learn. All of our activities [link to descriptions of activities] are open to anyone interested in learning the teachings of the Buddha.

It isn’t our aim to convert people or get them to join. As Buddhists we try to live without conflict and cultivate a mind of good will towards all living beings.

If you are interested in visiting, come to one of our regular activities, or contact us to arrange a time to stop by. We look forward to meeting you.

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