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English Sutta Translations

Where to find English Sutta Translations?

The largest collection of Sutta Translations are on

  • DN Digha Nikaya
  • MN Majjhima Nikaya
  • SN Saṁyutta Nikaya
  • AN Aṅguttara Nikaya
  • KN  Kuddhaka Nikaya
    • (Khp Kuddhaka Nipata
    • Dhp Dhammapada
    • Ud Udāna
    • Iti Itivuttaka
    • Sn Sutta Nipata
    • Vv Vimana Vatthu
    • Pv Petavatthu
    • Thag Theriagatha
    • Thig Therigatha

If you use an entire sutta, you must include the coppyright information at the bottom of each page.

The largest single collection of suttas online is It also contains a translation of the Vinaya. Warning:

  • Some of the translations are by a nun named Ven. Uppalavanna. The English of these translations is not good and you should not use for printing/publishing.
  • There are also links to Sanskrit, Tibetian, and Chinese sources, so be sure to use the Pali ones.

Start by clicking on one of the buttons at the top of the page:

The select the nikaya you want. The Pali is on the far left:

Bhikkhu Bodhi

You can also find many of Bhikkhu Bodhi’s suttas here: MN   SN and AN

If you use an entire sutta, you need to include the copyright information.

Mahamevnawa Translations

Mahamevnawa Translations can be found here:



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