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NOTE: images below are just a sample. Actual file may contain many more.

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Also, checkout the children’s page.

Class Specific Things

School Rules

This is a PDF you can show on screen as kids are joining the zoom class

Share Merits

Chart of the SuttaPitaka

Basic Chanting

Refuges & Precepts

Itipiso Single Slide

Itipiso One Line

Itipiso Pali-Sinhala-English

Okasa Vandami Slides

Asking for Forgiveness (w/ Okasa)


Inviting the Devas

Mangala Sutta

Ratana Sutta

Karaniya Metta

Mora Paritta


Loving Kindness Meditation

There are two version of the PDF. One with “provence” and one with “state” (for use in the US and Aus)


SN 11.11 Deva Sattavatapada Sutta

Sakka’s Seven Vows/Promises On

Patoda Sutta

AN 11.15 Mettānisaṁsa Sutta

What an arahant can’t do


Teaching Topics

Types of Actions

Three Enlightened Beings

Monks Robes

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Previous Scripts, anumodanas, etc
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