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Facebook: Duplicate Event

If you have an event that is finished and you would like to make a new one just like it, it is easy to duplicate or copy the old one to create a new one.


Sometimes we can forget to update the old information. Proceede with caution. If you have never created an event before, please first read the article: Create Facebook Event.

1. First open up the event that you want to duplicate. Click on “Events” on the left side of your page. Then choose an event (usually a past event) that is most similar to the new one you want to create.


2. Then when you are in the event, at the very top, next to Edit, click the three dots. Then click Duplicate Event. (Duplicate=Copy)


3. Then check EVERYTHING! Especially:

  • Photo: for dates of event
  • Event title: for dates
  • Date and Time: This is most important as FB tries to guess the new dates and times but it is ususally WRONG.


4. Also check the description for dates and old information.


5. Sometimes the Keywords get erased. Make sure it includes “Meditation”, “Buddhism”, and “Spirituality”


6.  When you are sure it is ready, you can either publish immediately or schedule it for the future.




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