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How to find English Suttas

Now it is easy to find whatever English translation of a sutta that you need.
With three new charts, you just have to know where it is in the Sinhala tranlsation.

Download Zip file with charts

Here are the steps:

  1. Find the Sutta in Lokusvaminwahanse’s translation
  2. Find the Sinhala sutta in the chart
  3. Now you can see the Englihsh

Here is what the charts look like:

On the left is the Sutta in Sinhala. On the right is the sutta in English. You will need to understand the English numbering system a bit. For that there is an instruction document in the download. Above you can see the sutta numbers in Englihsh highlighted. Becase this is the book of the fours, the first part of the citation is 4.

Now you can easily find whatever sutta you need in English.

Questions? Just leave a comment.

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