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Modify Google Forms

If you alredy have a google form and you need to make changes, it’s easy to do.

— Log in to using the account that owns the form

— Select the correct form:

— Once you have the form open, you can change the title or text just by clicking in that area. Changes are saved AUTOMATICALLY.

— If you have a response email set, click on the add-on icon:

— Select “Email Notifications for Forms”

— Select “Manage Form Settings”

— Click on the “Select a notification..”

— Choose the notification you want to edit:

— Then click “Edit Rule”

— You probably not need to change anything on the next window. Click “Continue”

— Then you have two different ways you can edit the e-mail. The option “Visual” is easier:

— Make any changes you need and click “Save” when you are finished.

— Clcik”Continue”

— Click “Update Rule”

— Finish by clicking “Later”

— That’s All! It’s always a good idea to create a test submission to make sure it works.


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