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On-Line Publicity

Below are some ways to publicize activities at your asapuwa.

This is an online service to promote and organize events. It is free to people attending, but there is a small fee for the organizer. Some important things to keep in mind:

  • Ask people from your asapuwa to join and be ready to join the group you create. This will show the public that there are other people involved
  • about three days after you create your group, it will be announced to the public. Make sure everything is ready because this only happens once.
  • Choose good topic for your group to make sure the right people find out about it. For example: Meditation · Spirituality · Buddhist Meditation · Breathing Meditation · Guided Meditation · Insight Meditation · Dharma · Theravada Buddhism · Vipassana Meditation · Buddha · Mindfulness Meditation · Dhamma · Buddhist
  • Make sure your group is named something general like “Free Buddhism in North Vancouver” not “Thursday Dhamma Talk.”

Examples of Asapuwa Meetup groups

Meetup also has an app for Android and iiOS that lets you do some management tasks.

Yelp is a business review site. Anyone can create a listing on the site. Only the owner can “claim” the site and edit basic contact information. You can add photos and a description of your activities.  This is a good way to make sure that people close to you but not in your city can find you.


Kijiji allows you to place free ads. The best place is in your city section under Community>Activities, events.

There is no charge for a simple ad. There is an option to pay $5 to include a direct link from your ad. You can include the text of the link. So, you get a link like this if you pay $5:

Otherwise you can just include

Here are some examples of ads

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