Publishing Resources

Editable posters

There is now a large collection of gimp and jpeg files of posters you can download for using at your asapuwa


Check out the Beautiful English Fonts page  for fonts that work well in posters.

Sutta Translations:

You can find links to English Sutta Translations here: English Sutta Translations


Sources for free photos 

Usage Guide

Here is a usage guide for making written materials, posters, etc. It covers important thinks like capitalization and punctuation.

Usage Guide .doc

Pali Diacritic typing tool

If you want to put the lines and dots on Pali words, download and run this piece of software. An icon will appear in your tray. Right click on it and you will see an option for “Keystrokes for Sinhala and Pali Transliteration”. Click on that and instructions will pop up to tell you how to type ā, ī, ū, ṭ , ḍ, æ, as well as an n-dash (–) an m-dash (—), etc.

Sinhala Pali Tranliteration tool

Source code (only if you use AutoHotkey and want to change the software)

Pali Transliteration

If you are familiar with this website, Then you will appreciate this updated version that helps tranliterate unicode Sinhala into standard English letter transliteration.

Pali Fonts

Now a days, many fonts have the letters you need for Pali. The letters with dots, especially ṇ, ṅ, ṁ are sometimes missing. Microsoft Word will often use letters from another font if they are missing. Check carefully. Many special fonts for Pali can be found at Bhikkhu Pesala’s Font Page.