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Changing & Correcting Asapuwa Address

It is very important to have correct address and contact information about your asapwa everywhere on the internet. This is important when you move. Also, Google wants to see that your address is exactly the same everywhere on the internet. For example your address should not be “123-A Saint Mary’s Road” one place and “123A St. Mary’s Rd” somewhere else.

Locations around the web

Mahamevnawa English Page

You must notify the Computer room in Polgahawela of any changes to your address, phone, email, or website. You must also follow up to make sure the change is correct. You can see your listing here.

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Note that you need to change the address for Mailchimp in the account settings NOT manually at the bottom of each email.

Google Business Listing

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Other Places

There are several other places your address may appear. For example

  • Government tax agency
  • Government corporation registration
  • Paypal account
  • Domain registration (URL)
  • Web hosting company
  • Meetup account and events
  • Instagram profile address
  • Yelp business listing
  • Tripadvisor listing
  • Techsoup Non-profit registration
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