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Bookshop Resources

Here are things to help you setup a bookshop.

Payment Envelopes. These are useful if your donation box is not close to your bookshop. It also helps to keep book payment separate.

Spine Labels: These are small Sinhala labels that can be stuck to the spine of bookshop as well as library books to make the books easier to identify. Pinting instructions included.

cropSpineLabelIMG_1609 cropSpineLabel2IMG_1609

Topic Poster

This is a single sheet that lists important books by topic, useful for newcommers to find books.

Color Coding Chart: This is a poster that just has the topic from the poster above. You can color code books and put the color onto this sheet.



See the images below to create display racks out of an ordinary bookend:

CropNew1IMG_1611 CropNew2IMG_1611


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