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Facebook: Invite people to like your page

The best way to get people to like your Facebook Page is by inviting them to like the page.

When we create an event or boost a post, new people who don’t like the page yet may see posts and react to them by clicking like.

We can see this by looking at notifications:

When someone clicks like on a post and they have not liked the page, you will see the following message: Help them see future posts by inviting them to like your Page. Click on that notification.

When you click on the notification, it will take you to the post or event that they have liked. Then click on the link that tells you who and how many have liked:


Then the list of people who have liked the post will appear. Click on the Invite button where it appears. You may have to scroll to see them all:

What does this do? It sends a message to that person and suggests that they like your page. It is so simple.

Facebook remembers who you have invited so you won’t send the invitation twice. For example…

When people accept, you will get another notification. There is nothing more to do.

This is an excellent way to get new page likers at no extra cost.

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