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Games for English Learning

The following are “games” you can play with an English teacher.

Questions and Answers

These are questions you might get when doing a Dhamma Discussion. [T]

Let’s Make Merit

In this game you take turns giving ideas of the ways you might collect merit with the object or place on the card. For example, “with a knife” you could cut flowers and offer them to the Buddha. “Walking to school” you could carry your friends books. [T]

Noun Adjective

The cards can be used in two ways. You can keep the matching noun and adjective cards together, for example, |enlightened | enlightenment | and take turns making a sentence with each. Or for a bigger challenge, cut all the cards apart and mix them. Then create a sentence for each. [T]

Comparative and Superlative

The cards can be used in two ways. You can keep the matching adjective, comparative, and superlative cards together and make sentences, or you an cut them all up and make sentences. You can also give the other forms when you draw a single card. For example, you draw “faster” and give “fast and fastest.” [T]

Irregular Plurals

Print double sided flipping on the long edge. Cut individually and make a sentence guessing the word on the back.

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