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Guided Meditations: භාවනා

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These are the text of guided meditations:

Aham Avero Homi Pali/EnglishPDF-LetterDOCX-LetterPDF-A4DOCX-A4
Mettā: Loving Kindness One PagePDF-LetterDOCX-Letter PDF-A4DOCX-A4
Mudita Bhavana (muditha) Altruistic joy One PagePDF-LetterDOCX-Letter PDF-A4DOCX-A4
Upekkha Bhavana One PagePDF-LetterDOCX-Letter PDF-A4DOCX-A4
Metta Bhavana English BriefPDF-Letter DOCX-Letter
Impermanent Meditation With IntroPDF-Letter DOC-Letter
Buddhanussati MediumPDF-Letter DOC-Letter

Audio Recordings

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Aham Avero Homi
Metta Bhavana

Meditation Books

This book contains the guided meditations we use in our meditation programs. Bhavana – Meditation

Draft of සිතට සුව දෙන භාවනා

This is for the private use of the monks.

MEDITATION BOOK DRAFT Corrected Meditations (February 15th, 2016)

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  1. Awasarayi swaminwahansa, May you please upload a guided meditation audios also. Then we can use it when it’s needed.

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