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How To Make A Google Form

Step 1: Open Google Forms and click on the add sign in the bottom, or the blank form at the top (highlighted in blue).

When you click it, it will prompt the screen below:

Step 2: Choose the type of question needed.

Step 3: Type the question. If the required option is on, the person filling the form has to type an answer.

More questions can be added (circled in yellow).

Step 4: Give the form a name (the pink arrows show where the form can be renamed).

Under the title, the form description (underlined in pink) can be typed, it is not a must.

Extra points

Images can be added by pressing the image option (circled in green, both can be used)

The eye button will show the preview of the form (circled in orange)

At the right side of the question (circled in maroon) the options to add, a question, to import questions, to type a description and title, to add an image, to add a video and a section.

The three dots show these options, make a copy, move to trash, get pre-filled link, print, add collaborators, script editors, add-ons and preferences.

In settings there are options to convert the form to a quiz and other settings that can be changed.

Finally when the form is all set, press send if sharing it to someone is wanted (circled in grey), a link can be sent, or an email can be sent(link – circled in blue) a message can be typed, and a subject can also be added.

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