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Short URLs

A URL is a web address, like

Some social websites allow you to change or create a short version of your URL. For example, the original URL for the Saskatoon meetup is

To make it easier to share, they allow you to change it to something shorter, like this:

The good news is that in meetup, the old URL will continue to work. Meetup allows you to change it any time you like.

To change,  go to:

Group Tools>Group Settings>Basics>Where

Then look for “Keep this or create a custom address” and change the existing one to something easier to type. 


Facebook also allows you to change the URL for your page, but only two times. And the old facebook URL stops working. So instead of:

you can change it to

To change,  from your facebook page,  go to and look in the section called “Create Page @username” and select your page. Follow the instructions. 

For both and, the name of the group does not change.

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